The establishment of a Bucknell field station in Mt. Carmel  is underway, an exciting new development that will induce community based student and faculty engagement in the region. The goal of the field station is to have a location off campus to be utilized by Bucknell staff, faculty, and students where “curricular and extra-curricular components of the University can work together to create novel, interdisciplinary learning experiences for students that contribute to the public good of our region”. Over $23,000 in fundraising has been provided by a range of Bucknell administrative units.


Brandn Green, Ben Marsh, and Carl Milofsy have been collaborating with Fr. Marty Moran, Karen Morin, Eric Martin, and Neil Boyd in the establishment of the field station. With the compliance of the Mother Maria Kaupus Center, they were able to begin the project, the partnership of Civic engagement and Place studies playing a key role.


This summer of 2015, the first Coal Region Summer Research Institute will be implemented. Funding has been provided to house three faculty and student research projects at the site, where they will be conducting their research. During the 2015-2016 academic year, several projects will advance in support of classes, independent study projects, student research, and faculty research.


In addition to the development of the Summer Research Institute that will continue during the academic year, Professors Carl Milofsky and Jamie Hendry will be teaching a Rural Poverty Course. Additional course connections can be made with the utilization of the site for courses such as MGMT 101, MSUS 400, and others. There will also be continued work on the Shamokin Fire Museum, and increased opportunities for Service Learning and Civic Engagement Volunteerism. Additionally, it provides a space for a potential alternative and service Fall Break, as well as a place to hold orientation activities for new students. The research fostered at the field station will be used to inform and encourage community members and college students from other universities within a 50-mile radius to engage in volunteer efforts in the area.


On April 12th there will be a dedication for the Mother Maria Kaupas Center to celebrate Place Studies partnership with Divine Redeemer Parish and the Mother Maria Kaupas Center for Community Service.