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Harry Smith Music Festival Documentary

In October of 2013, Place Studies Videographry Intern Zander Massey, ’13, completed a short film about the Harry Smith Music Festival at Elk Creek. Here is what he made:

Place Work by Students in Environmental History

Professor Andrew Stuhl  of the Environmental Studies Program asked his students to complete a Place Paper in his American Environmental History course.  The assignment they completed was called a “Place Paper,” wherein they selected a place of importance to them and narrated its environmental history. The three papers here concern the town of Shamokin; the “ghost town” of Alvira, PA; and the Danbury Mall in Connecticut.  They are all very good in their own ways. These papers give readers insight into one way of studying place from a historical and environmental perspective.

Keifer_Alvira Place Paper

Mackay_Shamokin Place Paper

McLaughlin_Danbury Place Paper

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