Jennifer Silva and Jesse Scheimreif’s Research Project

This summer, Professor Jennifer Silva worked with her research assistant Jesse Scheimreif ’16 on a study concerning identity and community in the coal region. They were interested in engaging with the local community by interviewing older residents about how the community has evolved over the years. They also wanted to look at the economic opportunities and social support systems available to the young people in the area, such as families and churches. What they discovered through their experience and research was a close knit, friendly, and generous community who welcomed them into their homes and was open to sharing their family stories. “It was fascinating to learn more about the history and culture of the area in which we live” said Professor Silva. They will be continuing their work in the region over the next few years.

Nick Kupensky and Erin Frey’s Research Project: Summary

This summer, Nick Kupensky worked with Erin Frey on “The Emil Kubek Project”, a scholarly resource that encompasses the works of Emily Kubek (1857 – 1940), one of Mahanoy City’s most prolific writers. Kupensky, along with Frey, worked on translating Kubek’s text from Carpatho-Rusyn into English, which can be seen on their website along with more information about Kubek and Kubek’s Mahanoy City. On the site there is also a virtual walking tour called “The West End Walking Tour” that was organized to allow one to experience Kubek’s Mahanoy City that inspired his work. For more information about The Emil Kubek Project, visit: